Hiking Tours in Madeira


Walking and Hiking Tours in Madeira

Walking along a Levada is one of the most exciting experiences to have on the island. There is more than 3,000 km of irrigation channels that guide you through the most beautiful landscapes of the island!

Coming to Madeira and not going for a walk alongside a Levada or on a mountain trail is missing one of the most exciting experiences that a hiker can have!
Cultural and environmental factors have made walking along levadas one of Madeira’s most traditional and popular outdoor activities. The Levadas are highly sought after throughout the year, both by residents and by visitors, who access the heart of the island this way.

Usually open and on the ground, some Levadas are “torn” into the rocks in abysses, which are hundreds of feet deep, while others cross mountains from north to south, through tunnels that are hundreds of meters long. In these Levadas, you can enjoy the best views and benefit from a genuine symbiosis between humans and Nature.
More than 200 Levadas surround the valleys and mountains in the combined protected areas, including the Madeira Natural Park and the Funchal Ecological Park.