Madeira Hike by PNT offers Guided Tours to Madeira island, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your vacation. These guided tours are available upon request.

Our guides are carefully selected and trained from ensuring your luggage is transferred, to whipping up a gourmet picnic. They also share their knowledge with you as they would with a close friend.

Guided Tours to Madeira island allows you to experience the local culture, imagine becoming part of that culture, staying overnight in a convent, feeling the warm waters of the Atlantic, or tasting the wine of the local vineyards. It is not just about all the iconic spots that make for the best photos, it is about diving into another world that creates the best memories.

From the first day of your trip, you will be guided by a highly-skilled team in your Tour Guide, with rich travel backgrounds, as well as useful information about language, currency, and all local things, you can relax and enjoy the tour.

Traveling is social by nature. Guided traveling is extra social. Meet a cast of characters: your fellow travelers, tour guide, driver, local guides, and more. The social aspect of guided travel is one of the best parts of it all! Many travelers on our tours have forged lasting friendships. Think of all the wonderful people waiting to meet you out in the world.

Your peace of mind is the most important thing for us. And that starts with our round trip home to the airport sedan service. Forget taxis, airport fees, or public transportation. We will get you there and back. Don’t worry about moving around, the transfers are included in comfortable style. And never mind preparing your food, we will arrange delicious gourmet picnics throughout the day.